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Armored Shield Technologies, Inc. is changing the way DoD Views secure network for FY13.

SANTA ANA CA, August 13, 2012 After Armored Shield Technologies February 22, 2012 mobile laboratory demonstration center for the army of the information technology(ICT) and the Army Command. There were two separate protocols DoD that change the way DoD considers secure network for FY13. The event was at the center of Fort Huachuca information technology(ICT) and included senior engineers Command Information Systems Engineering(ISEC), Enterprise Network control technology(NETCOM), Network Enterprise Center(NEC), Joint Interoperability Test Center(JITC) and groups of information assurance engineering(IA). The event was also brief Major General Jennifer L. Napper, NETCOM commander and his staff, including Deputy Commander Brigadier General Frederick A. Henry, Chief Technology Officer Dan Bradford, and director of the Network Enterprise Center(NEC) Kenneth Acord on the value of the use of AST Gigabit Passive Optical Networks(GPON). During the two-day event, fifty people from various local organizations visited the mobile laboratory for the demonstration with great curiosity and enthusiasm about Armored Shield Technologies' Sure, the green network technology. In a May 11, 2012 by Major General Jennifer L. Napper memorandum for administrators entitled “Architecture, Operations, Networks and Space(AON)” prepared for the HQDA, Pentagon CIO/G6 army, she stressed the Requirements for the program to setup the Information infrastructure modernization(I3MP) for fiscal year(FY) 13. Major General L. Napper also presented the budget plans that include limited capacity utilization United(CU) in As part of the effort FY13 and beyond. Department of the Army(DA) for technical advice networks modernization NETCOM has identified a need for all new construction and major renovations to use Gigabit Passive Optical Networks(GPON). In areas where there are several classifications of data would require a shielded facility SPONTM network. Deviations from this requirement should be an exception to the CG, NETCOM before execution. A second memorandum, dated July 30, 2012, was generated by the TEMPEST Program Manager of the army after the test and examination SPONTM NIPRNet Armored and shielded SPONTM NIPRNet DIACAP Documents folder in EITDR federal and systems EMASS. This protocol references Saves the technical requirements and espionage against NSTISSI 7003 for protection of distribution systems(PDS). The document states that the use of fiber lock and armored carrier alarm are allowed, provided that all of the fiber termination locking shielded all parts of the PDS(eg, secure postal boxes, junction boxes, etc.) provide equivalent physical security and the standard operating procedure includes detailed alarm response time, response actions and verification procedures as specified in the alarm NIPRNet SPONTM Armored and shielded SPONTM NIPRNet DIACAP documentation included. “AST has developed this technology point and has been recognized by the U.S. Army as an innovator, demonstrating the legitimacy of AST has developed beyond manufacturers' claims or their components or integrators combining multiple manufacturer “ s components are approved device. “said Chris Badinelli President / CEO.” It is not only the promotion of a new device or product, we provide a solution to AST, not only for systems protection of distribution(PDS) and economic issues that face the federal government, but we are the game changer for economic solutions in all areas of the Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization “ Engineers government networks consider SPON ™ shielded to resolve several important questions. budgets insufficient to obtain the required number of encryption devices, and the lack of personnel required to perform daily inspections of traditional distribution protection(PDS), the possibility to add, move or change NIPRNet to SIPRNet without the cost of building new capacity under one d'classifications multiple network infrastructure; centralized monitoring of multiple Alarmed Carrier PDS in multiple locations and mapping technologies to provide data intrusion Location stakeholders. This is a simple end-to-end one manufacturer avoiding mixed match components from different manufacturers due to the degradation of network and cancel Armored Shield ™ Lifetime Warranty.


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